(x) 1979 Buick Buyers Guide - Goudy Heavyface {Richard, Mark S}

anyone know what font this is?1979 Buick Buyer's Guide


There’s some Goudy in there surely.

Looks like it’s an older photo display version of Goudy Heavyface Condensed, with swashes added. I’ll check and see if it’s in any of my old specimen books.

Thanks! I’ve been looking through everything I can think of and the closest I’ve come is the Berthold or Goudy family.. didn’t know if there was something even closer.. but I think you may be right.

(oops, didn’t realize that first one went through).. It’s been confusing me because of the lower case v and the g…

Hmm. You second sample appears to be a different typeface with a similar feel. It looks very familiar, but maybe I just remember it from the old Buick ads. Could be a custom display font. That was done sometimes, especially with large companies.

Yeah, you’re probably right.
I’m just going to mock it up for some titleing so I’ll just use Goudy Heavyface for a base.