"Aesthetics of Ukrainian Lettering" new book

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dear typophiles!

i am glad to tell you about new original book about Cyrillic, and especially about Ukrainian handwrited letters. Vitalij Mitchenko -- artist, calligrapher, teacher and author of this book -- pays strong attention to our rich historical heritage, especially to Ukrainian skoropys, and to works of modern calligraphers. here is some pictures from this book:

Мітченко В.С.
Естетика українського рукописного шрифту. — Київ: Грамота, 2007
ISBN 978-966-349-099-1

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So how do those of use living outside of the Ukraine acquire a copy?

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Are all copies written Державною мовою, or are there versions in Russian/English?
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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Are you familiar with Eesti Kirjakunst by Villu Toots?


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James Puckett,
i didn't know, but i will ask.
btw, here is „Грамота” publishing's phone number: +38044 253-9017
(info from here: http://community.livejournal.com/ua_calligraphy/49256.html)

українська, як можна здогадатись з обкладинки.
Ukrainian only. making all copies in edition in same language is a usual practice, isn't?

no, i read only „Современный шрифт” by Villy Toots long time ago.
btw, Estonian and Ukrainian traditions is very, very different ;))

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