Any ideas...

Hi guys and gals,

I've been trying to identify this font through a number of different places but with no luck. Anyone here have any educated guesses?


If you lowered the crossbar of the 'E' and changed the 'N', this could be a modified Gill Sans.

- Lex

It's sort of pseudo-http://Arts & Crafts style, but the low E crossbar seems wrong. I think Lex is right that this is a customized font, maybe a freebie at some site.

- Mike Yanega

I noticed the similarities to Gill Sans as well, so thought it was customised, but this is from an English Students' Union, not an organisation that would have put that much thought into it (they don't even have a vector version of it, only JPEGs) ... so I'm going to go with a freebie font at a site they found.

I think I'll have to re-create it from Gill.

Thanks guys.