Old Vic

Whats this?

Thank you


A sad comment on the state of the Internet. I have no idea about the font, though.

Errr… Sorry guys, I never meant for any ex-girlfriends to
try to contact me through the Type Identification Board*.

* Well it is my only visible online presence, so I guess it
was bound to happen someday.

lol…i’d be curious about that font, too. It reminds me a bit of Crank 8 (but isn’t a match), which I asked about a few weeks back.

What site does it come from, Jon? That can be a clue.


with K Spacey looking very dapper.


If you look in the Flash file for the menu,
the font is called ‘spacey’. Could it be custom?

Well, there is a precedent for this theory in our archives.
I e-mailed them this afternoon (your early morning). Let’s
wait and see.

Yes, do tell. I have a feeling if we can find this font, we’ll all be using it soon.

Word from the designer himself.


Hi Yves,

My name is Rob Andrews, I

Hey Yves, hoe gaat het daar nog in Belgie?
Leuke job hier, moet ik zeggen. Ben blij dat er zoiets bestaat.Ik heb je vorige week een email gestuurd. Laat eens iets van je weten… for old times sake.
Nancy in Australie.