Looking for scripts similar to "Fantasy - Britney Spears" logo

does anyone know what font is used for the word Fantasy?


Read here, too:

Quote: »I have contacted Goodby, Silverstein & Partners creative services who created the Brittany Branding and they have replied “The Fantasy logo is a custom design created by Elizabeth Arden…” whether the designer used a known font for inspiration is up to you to decide. It is not a known font.«

Looks like a font but could very well be custom designed.

Thanks. I was thinking too that maybe it might be custom.

Any recommendations for similar fonts? I'm looking for something with a similar 'f' and 'y'.

any recommendations anyone?

Brush Script has a very similar 's'.

Nick Cooke

I think it is a custom job that might be based on two or even three different fonts. After looking at it for a while it looks untidy. The "antasy" could have been copied from a 1930s to '50s script but the "f" looks like something from a more modern handwriting font. I don't think someone designing a carefully researched retro script font would combine that "f" & that "t".