Aperture [working title] beta posted

I just posted a beta of a new geometric I have been playing with. For now I'm calling it Aperture, but I'm open to suggestions. Also, keep in mind that this is an early beta so it's still pretty rough; I only started the thing three days ago.


NIce! It feels a little wobbly — in a good way — like it's not really geometric, but a hand drawn, asymmetrical rendition of a geometric.

Wow. Just noticed that you already used the word "wobbly" in your blog — but not in reference to this one. This is certainly more straight-laced than some of your others, but your personality still creeps in. No harm in that.

>> hand drawn, asymmetrical rendition of a geometric

: ) I just couldn't force myself to take the mathematical hard line in some of the sticky places. Some of the wobbly will probably go away with some polish. (What's the right formula for the stroke widths on a black 'w' !?) I agree, though, that it gives the face some personality.

Ok, I know geometrics are easy to draw but three days! Is coke getting cheap out there or something? But seriously, this is pretty nifty, it’s sort of like Futura meets Myriad.

James, Christian drinks some sort of magic potion because it seems that EVERY MORNING he comes to the office with a new typeface he just whipped up on the train, or while in the bathroom. :)