Mysterious Musical Symbol

Does anyone know what this musical symbol is called? It is part of Sonata, and Musical Symbols. I've been up and down the web and bought a book on musical symbols but it's just ain't there!


Hi Marina,

it isn’t part of Unicode’s Musical Symbols, is it?

Hi Florian, no, unfortunately it isn't

How large is this symbol in relation to the staff? Can you post a picture of the two together?

- Lex

Most dynamic/tempo instructions are horizontal (don't want to increase vertical spacing between staves), that leads me to think it ought to be some key/time signature symbol.

Maybe some form of tablature rather than traditional notation, or maybe even a form of dance notation. What about non-western?

Not very helpful I know, but it's not very well drawn, is it?

It could be a clef, though a rather obscure one.

I think 2 vertical lines is the symbol for a percussion clef.

This does look familiar, though.

There is Segno sign that is somewhat similar that just is a notation to go back to the mark (like a coda) but it is a bit different looking.


In the font called Sonata, it is referred to as 'serpent', although in many years as a musician, I haven't run into it. Looks nice.

It looks like the symbol for "more money" to me.... ;-)

I've been reading music for 22 years, and I've never seen it. Huh! I will forward this to my dad, who's way more of a music expert than I am.


Update - my father(who has his PhD in Musicology, and was a music teacher for years) has never seen this before! I'm really really curious. Could it just be a typographer's idea of a good joke?


Isn’t that the currency symbol of the lawyers’ empire?

Yes, Eben.
It looks like High Cabal.

Don't wanna know more... don't ask. Too dangerous.

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

I think the name gives it away, no? Surely it's just a fleuron type thing for tarting up music notation?

Could it just be a typographer’s idea of a good joke?

I don't think so. I've definitely seen it in sheet music, I'm don't quite remember what it means though. Perhaps it's used only in some regions (Germany in my case)?

I guess I could ask my former conductor (I used to play in an orchestra until 2.5 years ago).


«In the font called Sonata, it is referred to as ’serpent’»

Perhaps it’s a clef designed specifically for the serpent?

It does look a bit like an abstract representation of a serpent.


Actually it looks a bit like this.


editing a dumb observation. Pay no attention.

Guys, thanks a lot for all the threads...As there is no definitive answer to this, I will name it as: "Mysterious Musical Symbol" in my project.