Ninja Gaiden 2 Font

This is used in their advertising materials, but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me, even though I feel like I recognize it.


Adobe Poetica with alternates turned on.

Mikey :-)

This Poetica?? Naw …

The "A" looks wrong in poetica.

Sean Glenn
Art Director

feels very adobe to me:

try Savinto & Brioso & Sava

If its not Poetica then its one of these

look at the PDF specimens

Haven't you got any bigger sample? This is really hard; this tiny dark olive type on black. :^/

I think Mikey is right with http://Sanvito from Adobe.

- Mike Yanega


I dont want to open a new thread..

is there a font like that?

I dont want to open a new thread..

You should.