(x) 1800s Victorian poster set - Brothers, Showcard Modern {Jan E, Mark S}


This is a very nice set of I believe cca 1800s poster types.
I have identified most condensed ones as Hoefler Knockout variations, some Poplar, Ziggurat I believe, Bodoni poster etc.

I have circled the ones I still can't figure out - the image is small I know.
If you have any ideas please share.

p.s. - the photo I believe is from an advert for entr'acte music label...


THE is Brothers from Emigre.



LOOK OUT! ONLY SHOW is close to Souvenir.

Thought of Souvenir. Uppercase K doesn't fit...
Thanks for emigre one!

The "LOOK OUT" font is Showcard Modern.

Yes it is! Nice one!

ELECTRIC LIGHTS is very hard to see, but maybe a couple of obliqued Hoefler http://Knockout weights? Could probably be many sans faces, but the G and R would be keys to see better. Nice one Mark, you beat me to it.

- Mike Yanega