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I'm currently working on a new font, 'Bolda'. I have worked on it for quite some time now and i'm starting to feel that i'm never gonna finish... I guess it is a very normal feeling when you're designing a font...

The last time i made a custom font was almost three years ago, i have totallty forgot how much work it i takes.

I'm done with all the basic latin letters, the rest is the difficult part, making the norwegian letters æ ø å...

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Very nice and oddly coincidental, since just recently this was posted:

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This looks nice. It would be cool to see more samples than 'abcdefg.' Or did I fail to find the samples on your site?

The g looks like a q, BTW.


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yeah nice one.

keen to see some other characters ... and a bit more about from the development.


Paul Ducco
Visual Design

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Great job!

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Cool font !

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