Ugh--'six minutes of safety' Ugly, but I need the I.D.'s anyway!

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Hi everyone!

Probably super super easy but I'm not having any luck IDing the 2 (maybe 3?) typefaces here.

I have to recreate this for a client that lost the original so any help is appreciated.

p.s.-- Is the "6" Joanna MT?

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6 Minutes is Palatino Bold
FOR SAFETY is Futura Bold

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Minutes is palatino

(edit) ..and it's miss tiffany by a nose!

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Minutes is Palatino. I think the 6 is too, just the Black weight. 'FOR SAFETY' could be any sans with that kind of R, and then widened.

- Mike Yanega

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You shouldn't have edited your post. ;^) You came in at 12.44 too!

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Heh, but you had the weight and futura.
If this wasn't a service to others, i'd suggest a time handicap on certain typophiles. I guess this one's been sitting a few minutes, but I just got to the page.

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Much, much appreciated!

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