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Need a WIDE 'mod' typeface -- (is there Lubalin Graph wide?)

Hi everyone!

I need a wide typeface that give off that smart, black-horned rim glasses, gentleman of the 60s feeling. I LOVE Lubalin Graph but it's not wide enough and Hellenic Wide is too 'country.' Any alternate ideas? Is there a super wide Futura or something equally mod/scifi/60s?



Keep in mind that much of Lubalin Graph's character comes from the fact that it's a geometric (the rounds are "perfect" circles). Once you go wide, you get ovals. You might want something more square like Dispatch Extended, which is less country than Hellenic.

As for sans serifs, there's nothing more mod/scifi/60s than Eurostile. See also ITC Blair, ITC Flatiron, and the newish FP Head.

Slightly more mid-century mod, perhaps, but you might consider Armchair Modern from Pysops:


Thanks! I'll play with the suggestions and see where I get!

Awesome>> www.biklopsdesign.com


Chris-I love it! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!
Awesome>> www.biklopsdesign.com