typefaces for children's art camps...

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hi everyone. forgive me if i am missing a thread that would have answered this question already, but i am designing a series of brochures for a church arts camp. the camp is designed for children ages 5-11 and they will be doing photography, clay, painting, and theater. i'm looking for a font that is fun, but not one of those sloppy "looks-like-a-kid-drew-it" ones. ideas? favorites?

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Hi traci,

This one may help, but is not your exact request:

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This is so shameless... take a look at Peanut (P22). A child like ethos based on the traditional Roman. OR, take a look at Ranunculus by Carl Crossgrove, a really nice sans that has a subtle bounce.


p.s. what a delightful background you have!

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Actually Ranunculas might be a better choice because it has a number of weights!

Is it possible that Carl is a gardener in secret?

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you mentioned you wanted a;

"sloppy “looks-like-a-kid-drew-it” ones."????

This is possibly in the worst genre of typefaces ever to be created.

My advise is to keep away fro any fonts along these lines. They're all disgusting.

If you want that sloppy look, write the word yourself and scan it in, that would hold so much more purpose, and look way better.

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No, she mentioned she DON’T want one of those.
Quote: »…, not one of those sloppy “looks-like-a-kid-drew-it” ones.«

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Thanks, all. There is some great stuff here. Also, thanks to you, Renko, for reading carefully.

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