Schweppes logo

Hi there,
can anyone help me find a similar font to the schweppes font?? Any help would be appreciated.
Have a look at


Looking thru my fonts Lucinda Bright Demibold is the closest I have…
Eterna and Fritz Quadrata have a similar feel but the serifs are different.

Hold it. Adelle, do you mean the Schweppes logo or the typeface
used throughout the website?

Sorry, I was after a font which is close to the schweppes logo.

schweppesword.tiff (55.0 k)

Post jpeg or gif samples. Check the FAQ page. :-)

Sorry bout the repeats.Schweppes

Grrrr… Why is it doing that???

Adelle, after you post here you get an error message about half the time. Don’t repost, believe me it went through. What I do to check is go to topics and I see my name as the most recent post and I know it went through.
As for Schweppes, isn’t it an old brand? It might have been hand drawn. See if you can find any information about when the logo was created.

Dan is right on all counts (error messages, how to deal
with them and probably hand drawn logo). :-)

Triple posts taken care of.