OSX scrambles fonts? Solution!

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OSX scrambles fonts? Solution!

Hi, folks. I don’t know if you guys have had this problem, but I found a solution so I thought I would share it.

Problem: When repeatedly testing my new family of fonts, one weight was consistently scrambled in Suitcase and Word. When I typed “ABC” I got “ZAB” or nothing at all. (In Adobe apps it worked fine.)

Solution: Reset the OSX font caches

How to (gleaned from http://www.extensis.com/support/5d.html):
1) Reboot in OS 9
2) Use Find to locate the following files:
3) Trash those files and empty the trash
4) Reboot in OSX and test the fonts

If they still don’t work:

1) Reboot in OS 9
2) Empty the following folders (put the contents in the trash):
OSX HD/System/Library/Caches
OSX HD/Library/Caches
OSX HD/users/yourusername/Library/Caches
3) Empty the trash
4) Reboot in OSX and test the fonts