Proven Font DRM Method Announced. . .

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Chuck Norris!

Happy Friday Everybody! Have a great weekend! :D

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I think Terminator's SkyNet Algorithms would make better DRM... use a pirate font, and your computer responds by KILLING YOU!

Happy (almost) Cinco de Mayo!

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Chuck Norris ExtraBold!

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Chuck Norris can kern ligatures?

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Chuck Norris doesn't have to kern ligatures. The ligatures see Chuck coming and they redraw themselves to match the kerning Chuck psychically projects.

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Didn't he sue, or try to sue the creators of that site?

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If I give Chuck Norris a light weight will he and his friends put it on an exercise machine and make it heavier?

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Chuck Norris can put some punch in your typography but you might get a kick out of his collection agency if you don't pay promptly :-)


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Chuck Norris can make AAT fonts with Fontastic.

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Yeah, and they contain all glyphs of Unicode 6.0 – twice.

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>>Didn’t he sue, or try to sue the creators of that site?<<

I heard that the creator of this site:

said at a WebCon last weekend that Chuck Norris was suing him. I think this site is the original one, but certainly the most well known.

Jason C

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Adobe's former type marketing manager, Tom Prehn, bears a suspicious resemblance to Chuck Norris. Coincidence? You be the judge.


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Nerdiest Chuck Norris Jokes Ever:

Chuck Norris doesn't use a letter press; he uses his bare hands.

Chuck Norris eats metal sorts for breakfast.

When Chuck Norris sets type, widows and orphans hide.

Chuck Norris doesn't cut punches to cast type. He uses his teeth.

Types designed by Chuck Norris don't have question marks.

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Chuck Norris letterspaces blackletter, but I dare you to bring up his sheep fetish.

People read best what Chuck makes them read.

Christian, I love your last. God, i'm such a nerd.

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"Chuck Norris can speak braille"

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Chuck Norris has his interrobang registered as a lethal weapon.

Chuck Norris hides trays of type in his bicep.

Chuck Norris has a special font suitcase filled with bullets and daggers.

Chuck Norris is known to rip apart an entire phone book if he catches someone using fake Small Caps.

Chuck Norris once wrote a EULA and people stood in line just to read it.

Chuck Norris once confused readability and legibility but nobody was brave enough to tell him.

Chuck Norris once kerned an entire army.

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