Help with a 'Deco' font?

Wondering if anybody can help with a few fonts featured on this site as they all go together quite nicely.

1) the title: 'emarosa' and 'contact', 'pre order', 'store' etc.
2) the sub header: 'relativity' and 'send message', 'add to friends' etc
3) body: 'pre order at rise records online store now' and credtials i.e. 'will sowers', 'jonny craig' etc. (I believe this is just number 1 but in lowercase, but i put it in just to be sure.)

Thanks all.





Numbers 1 (title) and 3 (body) are one and the same typeface.

Originally it is called Fino, designed in the 1970’s by Maurice Schlesinger.

Some digital recuts are:
Fina (Image Club Graphics), see PDF here:
Fina Heavy (Image Club Graphics), see PDF here:
Finale (CompuWorks)
Feena Casual (ZETAfonts)

thanks guys! rapid response as ever.