One Show Pencil Awarded for Typophile Film Fest 4

NEW YORK, NYThe One Club this week will recognize the excellence of the Typophile Film Fest 4 titles with a coveted One Show Pencil. Punchcut commissioned Brent Barson and Eric Gillette for the title design on behalf of Typophile. We could not be more pleased for Brent and Eric and the students of their Visual Arts 441 / BYU class that participated. The titles opened our Typophile Film Fest 4 to a filled-to-capacity audience of 300+ attendees at TypeCon 2007 in Seattle and was shown again to a standing-room-only crowd at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco.


Well deserved!!! That really was fantastic.

Congrats, that film is excellent!

This is really great news. Congrats to Brent, Eric, and the participating students.

It is cool. awesome. Not knowing flash is a shame ;)

Impressive! Congratulations.


Ahhh, that's gorgeous. Beautiful! Well deserved win. :^)

That was great!!!

I found this to be very moving. It is gorgeous.

Excellent work!

Much respect to Brent,Eric and the students of their Visual Arts class.


I couldn't help myself and interviewed Cole Nielsen, Brent Barson and Eric Gillett for Unzipped.

Congratulations that is fucking cool!

Luis Palhares

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Yves, that's a great write-up. And thank you.

Wow, what a great title sequence!

Wow.. is a wonderful 'Typophile life story' where we can see from conception moment to saintification on heaven.
I like an enjoy it so much...!!

This is my all-time favorite youtube.

this is moving.

Seriously amazing, well deserving of the award!