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Here's my new portfolio. The book itself I bought from Office PDX. They have the most incredible service. I love them!

The cover is a Bex screwpost cover made by Pina Zangaro. I had to rush getting this finished as my husband was showing it to some folks this past weekend so if you see something that could be improved, let me know. Yes, I used a gazillion different faces. :-)

There are 17 pictures currently in the portfolio. I know the plastic sleeves have some drawbacks but these shots were mostly printed on the new baryta fiber papers which have a fragile surface. Many of the people looking wanted to touch the photos so it worked out well that they were protected.

The text on the left hand side of the photo pages is info on the picture (when taken, etc.), the print and exhibition details. The small text is Sauna regular.



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Nice look! I might have to try something like that—my 18"x24" portfolio is not fun to deal with.

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Thank you, James! Dirck complained about the padded sleeve I used because it didn't have any handles, so I'm going to get something to slip it all into that has a shoulder strap.

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