Melor, squarish sans

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Hi everyone,

I have been developing a squarish sans intended for text (e.g. in brochure), for now there is only regular weight, others are still under development. I would like to hear your opinions on this before I move on.
Do you think this font can differentiate itself from other square sans? What do you like or not like about the letters?
Comments and criticism are most welcome. Thank you for taking a look at this.


melor-regular-mp.pdf32.48 KB
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Not bad! First, for differentiation's sake, I think the name is too close to another squarish face: Melior.

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Very nice, very Danish in style. The lc m has a bit too much difference in the negative space areas under the arches though.

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Okay, I admit I am bad at names. I really like the name Melor and I thought it wouldn't be too similar to Melior. They belong to difference categories though. Maybe I would come up with a new one.

Danish style? That's interesting. Thanks for pointing that out, I will correct it.

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Looks good.

The top of the x looks out of place. But instead of flattening it, experiment with applying it in more places (KVWXYkvwxy) as it may bring some of that desired distinction from other faces.

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Looks like you are shaping an usable, good and clean sans serif, but when seeing the name I also first thought of 'Melior'.


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I think it looks good and you certainly have a good eye for letters.

But you should know that there is a lot of similar typefaces out there. This type of squarish sans seems to be the new "Meta-syndrome". A couple of years ago everybody was doing their interpretations of Meta. Today we see a lot of squarish sans.
But, hey – that shouldnt stop you, should it? :)

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not bad at all.

nice one.

Paul Ducco

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Neat and clean and yes I think different enough to be useful, it's very pleasant.
The bowl on the a needs slight adjustment, the left hand node of the counter is too high.
I think the eye of the e needs work too...if you take the segment from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock and skew to the left a degree or two, I think that would do it.
Kk stick out to me, I don't like the horizontal connector.
Your spacing is very nice.

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