three typefaces to be identified

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for typefaces like these three, if anyone could help i'd be really grateful. In the first image it's the red type i'm interested in. I'm particularly interested in the grey angular type in the second image, it looks custom but if anyone has any ideas for similar typefaces it would be great.
Thanks in advance


No thoughts anyone? :(

someone out there must have a snippet of information for me? :(

The Red lettering is similar to Newsletter, but the feature I could not match was the numerals, especially the 7 with serifs like that. Almost seems to come from another font. Maybe all the numerals are from something else.

In general, and maybe one reason why you have had few comments, all-caps Sans serif fonts are not easy to ID. That angular one is admittedly odd, but it looks like an OCR design, and could be an amateur design (did you search Dafont?)

- Mike Yanega