ID Help

Have a few, thanks very much in advance


BTW I have looked up the fonts by the posted names, but I still cannot find them.

Would appreciate any help, maybe I am just looking for them in the wrong way.



These have been renamed. Was this from a pirate site?

Monica is Dearest

This looks to me like the work of one of those cheap wedding invitation makers who let you select from a list of "their" fonts.

Laeticia is Affair

Autograph is Declaration

Filare is Dear Sarah

Yes, it was from an invitation site, I thought they did rename to make it seem like it was their own...

Thank you SO much Stephen!


Just have seen it today. These shameful knock-offs come from Dauphinepress.

Good catch Renko!

But I think these more like re-named fonts to avoid sales cannibalization instead of counterfeit fonts.

Mikey :-)

Well, yes, maybe. But that doesn't make them more legal, ey?