Horror on pg. 82

With spring comes - garage sales! Today I scored a huge stack of art and architectural mags:)! Amongst the stack are some groovtastic Computer Arts Project mags, one of which is CA's 100th birthday issue. The issue celebrates iconic pieces of graphic design. And there it was - an unwittingly cold cruel typo...

...and in Milton's own stencil font too :(

Either that, or there really is an iconic graphic designer named MILTON GI ASER.


Aww, I don't want to be the guy who designed that :) Don't get me wrong, such things happen, and they happen to me often enough; it's very, very embarrassing when you find out...

the dangers of the overprint function in Adobe Illustrator... always preview with 'overprint ON'. Why Illustrator cannot sort this, Indesign can switch off overprint when white selected, why not Illustrator.

Can't imagine my reaction if that happened in one of my projects... but it happens even to the best ones!

Thanks for the hint for previewing in illustrator... I'm still trying to switch form freehand!

Nice tip Paul. Fortunately I've only had one minor blunder so far, I misspelled 'National' in the title of an announcement. The evil thing was seen only for a short while before being yanked and corrected long before going to press. I didn't know there were two 'a's in national - but I do now!