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I'm on a new typography. Almatica.

I't started as part of a logo that i designed, then i liked it so much that decided to complete it on a full family.

I'd like to see what you think about it, wich characters work and wich ones don't. Anything.

Thank You.

Saludos desde M

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very interesting work. uc S seems a bit narrow, uc C a bit long on the bottom, please upload pdf so we can get a closer look. a very original looking design-congratulations

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Thank for your comments Ole.

I'm gonna work some more versions of S, I think that C needs to have that long base because of it's plain bottom, but i'll work on it too.

Here is the PDF file.
Take a closer look.

AlmaticaBetaV.pdf (505.3 k)

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Top of uc G is a bit long, as is the hook on lc r. 7 leans a bit to the right.

You might have kerning issues given the variation in letter shapes, though.

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Here are some changes i've made. Check them out.

I also want to ask you guys what do you think about the Proportion of the middle letters to capital ones is correct.

About the Kerning, i need some help on that. Does anybody have a Guide to kern this family?

Thank You.

Check the PDF! ->

AlmaticaBetaV2.pdf (653.0 k)

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I'm about to Fisnish the normal versi

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