Music Festival Poster using Hypatia

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If this PDF turns out huge or creates a problem my apologies. I hope it will work as a link.

This is fairly self-explanatory. The client provided me with the scan of the image and copy. The printing specs are unknown so I’m giving a generous margin all around. I’m happy to find a chance to use Hypatia, but with so many characters I suspect there are probably a few things to be improved. I’ve given a minimum adjustment to the kerning, and would love any direction in this regard as well as any general crit.

So the PDF link is not working so a jpeg.

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Link doesn't work.


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Nice to see Hypatia in use.

You've used it in 3 different ways. I wonder if you can unify that. You've got spaced with space around, not spaced with space around and spaced with only space above. I'd simplify that first.

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That addresses one of my primary concerns—that I’ve fallen for the ST ligature when I should track out the true caps to match the small caps.

I’ve waffled on making the chamber music/chamber opera text part of a mask for the painting. I’ll bring that up and away from the painting. I’d like that whole statement to recede a bit more but a second lighter color gets too busy.

This is 11x17 finished size for reference.

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It is improved.

- The top line has x-amount of space in between the letters. It appears that the line-spacing to the next line below is at least half-that. I would make it equal to or a bit more. As it is you are crowding the title.
- I don't understand the point of the line "Chamber Music" space space space "Chamber Opera" -- Shouldn't there be an ampersand or something?
- You've justified every other line differently. I'd choose centering or left-justification.
- The diamond bullets seem random. You could add more line-spacing and simply remove those.

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Thanks. All the caps are tracked at the same amount, but the small caps are probably designed with greater spacing. I’m using an En space between the chamber music/opera statement. I check and see if I can add an ampersand.

The small text at the bottom and the chamber music/opera statement are centered. Everything else is flush left. I'll look at the bullets. They are characters in Warnock, but I'm not wed to them.

Looks like we are going to a landscape format.

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Can I post a version of my thoughts?

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Please do. So polite you are. But note that last comment, which you are welcome to ignore.

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Well, I had to ask. I know some people would rather not have others post their own takes. :^) And now that you are going horizontal that changes things. :^)

I can see some of your challenges better now that I've monkeyed with it myself.

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Please ignore the heinous uncorrected parens. I should've switched those to a different sort. But I think you get the idea of where I was going.

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I do. And thanks. One unfortunate detail is that I've been informed this is being printed at Kinkos so I'm leaving a .5" border as a safe zone for insane printing and trimming that will be out of my control. I would love to bleed the image though.

Hypatia is such a sea of characters. In the title I added quite a bit of space between the I and B. That's the only kerning I really pushed and it didn't get flagged so that gives me some confidence.

I also really feel like "Tiburon Music Festival" should work as one shape. And, I did pick up the alternate J in June that doesn't descend. The En dash is rather long, so it is interesting to see the hyphen between the dates.

The landscape version is rather dismal by comparison, but this whole project is really defined by the image. The client gave me a suggested 1.5 hours to knock it out. Also there is a mailer with longer text to accompany—that's why the Warnock. I'll post up again if it gets more interesting, otherwise it is a fun exercise in pondering a new face.

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Understand. :^)

You could always design it to trim smaller than 11x17 so you do get a bleed.

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I'll be really curious to see the final version. Thanks for sharing!

My only critique comment that nobody else has mentioned (unless I missed it): I find the amount of tracking in the URL a little odd, somehow.



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Thanks Thomas!

As mentioned the poster is landscape now and the worse for it. The foldy brochure can bleed though so it is looking better (for a double-fold 8.5x11 brochure). I’ve switched to Whitman for the Serif and it seems to be playing nice but the SC OSF is not functioning with CS3 or the 10.4 OS or something.

Anyway, my thought of the SC tracking was that it is for aged eyes and typing URLs that are strung together can be a challenge. I’ve tracked it like the other SC, but I’ll have another look.

Good luck with the Ital!

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I want hypatia :(

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