Two script fonts

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Here's two script fonts, maybe anyone knows what they are called? The 'Koller' one is taken from an engraved name plate, the other one is from an old Tamiya RC car decal.

Thanks for your help!

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Brilliant, yet another Futura that looks totally different… but it seems this one wasn't designed by Renner?

Anyway, thanks Jan.

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Poppl College Two could be an alternative for ‘Koller’.

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Poppl College is lovely, I meant to buy it for ages.

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Forgot to say: You’re welcome.

… but it seems this one wasn’t designed by Renner?

Designed by: Edwin W. Shaar
Designed when: 1954

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Koller is still a mystery. I looked through the Solotype Catalog and saw a script called Davenport (p.86) that looks like it might be similar to the style used, but not enough letters were shown to see if it was more than similar. I also scanned through the Nick Curtis fonts, hoping it was something he had revived, but didn't see it.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks again Jan and Mike, this forum is a great place.

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