(x) "Gladiator" movie logo - Castellar {Nancy Fairbanks}

Okay, I’ve hit the limits of my sanity on this one … it looks so familiar but I can’t place it. It seems kinda Zapfy to me, but maybe that’s just because the verticals curve like Optima. It’s not Michelangelo, Palatino, or Zapf Renaissance. Trajan and Goudy Trajan have a similar “feel”, but don’t match. Where have I seen that R before..? arrgh.



Hmmm… intriguing sample. I can’t place it neither. :/
Nice logo Metadox. Boogie Nights! :-)

Welllll……I don’t have the trained eye that you guys have or the background knowledge, but does it looks a lot like Castellar?

Who needs a trained eye or background knowledge when you can
manage to look past superficial design traits and identify the critter? :-)

Well done, Nancy! Kudos to you.

That’s it, Nancy! Nice work and thanks! :D