Japanese Hand Bindery Work

Go to my Wordpress blog to read about the 175 engraved and hand bound booklets we are making in the Japanese accordion style:



Looks like fun doing it. I bookmarked your blog :-)

Dear AGL:

Thank you for bookmarking my blog, I post about once a week.

Well, I can not say with any degree of honesty that this was fun, but, it was satisfying. The two LSU graphic design students working with me were great, it was more like an old fashioned sewing bee than anything else.

The process was very interesting,; after a full academic year of intense thought, research and teaching, it was very rewarding to be making something again. The tiny stacks of finished pieces were a delight to see. But fun, well, not exactly fun.

The booklets are beautiful and ship, on time, tomorrow. I will post the final shots (below).

Yes, with ribbons and all. I guess I know what you mean that it is not 'fun'; bindery work is tedious. But I am sure you are proud of it. I guess each stack has fifty of them ... ? - Awesome.


dear andré,

each stack has 40 except the final which has 45. it is a lovely way to work for four days but i was thoroughly exhausted when we were through. i think the pressure of attempting perfection is what gets to you (me.)

Lovely. Very lovely.