My first book design - complete with a faux marbling job.

I am interested in any comments praising or otherwise.

This is an obviously faux old-book; complete with a faux marbling job done with screenprinting.

I designed this from afar and the good folks at Objective Press Canada published - well really - made this with their own hands. It uses P22's - LTF Calson Pro Long.

See more here:

Antonella, thanks for the photos!


Beautiful, Eben. I wish there was a photo of the spine. I would like to see how they handled that.


Lovely. Looks like book :-)

Thanks Sharon, Andre.

It has no spine as such because it has no binding other than 3 bolts. So in some ways it's quite a misleading object - but hopefully in a fun way.

Good work—especially for your first book! I could use a book design project right about now…