(x) 3 mobile UK sans serif - Modena (custom face by Miles Newlyn) {Sebastian, Stephen}


I've seen this font sometimes around London, including printed adds here. It is incredibly legible at small sizes, with its tiny ascenders and descenders. First thought it was HM Revenue & Customs Modena, but it's not...

Might be an easy one, I must confess.

Thanks in advance...


I remember reading about the fonts being custom designs by Miles Newlyn, but quick Google didn't give me any results.

Haven't seen this before. But, the one in my flickr looks kinda different from Modena from HM Revenue & Customs. Specially the 'a' and the 'y'. The ascenders and descenders are shorter than HM R&C type, too, which I'm starting to think is not called Modena, perhaps?

Hey Fernando. Miles has put up the light weight of his Modena on the critique board. Maybe if you give him some feedback there you can follow it with a question about your sample.

This PDF from the three website lists the fonts as Modena-CondensedLight and Regular (and Verona). The HMRC fonts are listed as IRModena.

It appears to me that the x-height is increased in the condensed, relative to the letter height, and that the descenders are brought up in pro.

Thanks, Stewf, for the link to Miles' post on the critique section. I will comment something there soon.

And thanks, Richard, I think you solved the question!