Postscript Fonts in Office 2008?

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Postscript Fonts in Office 2008?

Both Word and PowerPoint 2008 for Mac are displaying some Postscript fonts incorrectly. There are 3 different menus which list fonts in Word 2008, and the fonts in question are sometimes missing certain styles in one menu, and missing others in a different menu. We are most concerned about a Bitstream font called Geometric 415. I have tried to tweak the font menu names in TransType Pro, with some success, but cannot get the problem to completely go away. I have contacted Microsoft, Bitstream, and the place we bought the fonts from, but with no luck yet.

Any Ideas would be most appreciated.

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Since you have Transtype Pro already, the simplest solution would be to convert the postscript fonts to Postscript-flavored Opentype fonts. I'm not familiar with the conversion details of PS -> OT in TransType, so hopefully someone will point out if there are downsides to this -- I would think it is just essentially adding the OpenType wrapper to the existing PS data, so you're not going to deal with the usual degradation or or other issues that sometimes arise from converting one type format to another.