Letterpress Printing on the Vandercook Press, a Course at the Cooper Union

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This summer Dan Morris is going to teach letterpress printing at the Cooper Union. The classes start next week. Dan is a very cool guy and he has helped bringing our printshop up to speed. I think that this class could be great for the type obsessed here in the New York area. I am certainly going to try to get into this class and thought I should advertise it here. Read more on TypEdu.

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The Wednesday class is full, but due to demand we have decided to run one on Mondays as well. For more info on this and the other type and print related classes being offered at Cooper Union this Summer see the following link.


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Looks like fun. I can see five of them :-) Too bad I am in FL and cannot visit...

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oh thats brilliant,

shame i live in the UK... and cannot visit.. would love to run a letter press room like that one day.

peace out

Simone (Simsy)

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