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Just Starting Out

Hey guys,

I, for some time now, have had an interest in typography and I've been absorbing all I can for the past few years.

I think during the next few months I want to try my hand at designing a typeface and font for my own educational purposes. I just want to see what I can do, and how I can resolve certain issues with creating the letterforms and I imagine that experience will help me understand and be able to better set other typefaces in the future.

So here I am, I've got Adobe CS3, Inkscape at my disposal. I've heard of and used font-forge to view fonts before.

Is there any software that is either free or very cheap that I could use to create an educational font?

if I turn out to like it and have the patience for it, what is the best professional software I could buy to continue my work after that? is there an industry standard for this sort of thing?

I imagine the folks over at dejavu.sf.net would be a great asset as well - besides there and this forum, are there any type-design communities I could check out for additional information and suppourt?

Thanks in advance for everything, I really appreciate the helpful nature of this forum :) and hopefully you'll see some stuff from me in a few months!

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If you already have Fontforge working give it a try and see how things go. At worst you dislike it, export your work and export it into Fontlab. Typetool is another option, but I found it just too limiting and upgraded to Fontlab.

If you’re a student Fontlab offers a very substantial discount on Fontlab studio. I rank it among the better investments I made in school.