New sans without a name

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Hi everyone,

As refered here I started a new Sans inpired in those letters...special the "a". After some work, please find enclosed a PDF for comments...

I made it without any contrast in lines and started to wonder if a little of it won't help the final result. I made a "abc" in both cases just to give you an ideia here this may go.
Please feel free to ad comments!

Thanks in advanced.
António Fonseca

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You should basically always make a slight contrast. Even if it's just to make it optically look contrast-less.

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Hi all!

I made some (BIG) changes.
Critique please!


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I like it, but i think that a few characters need to be tweaked. Personally, i think that the lowercase "c" needs to be wider. Also, the kerning needs quite a bit of work. Other than that, i really like how it's coming along. Good luck.

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I think the lower case 'l' and the uppercase 'i' are too thick. You could angle the stroke on the 'q'. None of the other strokes are angled like that. Just a thought. Other than a few small things like that, i like it.

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