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PICA & CÍCERO - Wedding Invitation

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PICA & CÍCERO - Wedding Invitation

Anne Pica and Jules Cícero

Wedding Invitation

As Pica and Cícero are so much famous, I thought, "humm, let´s just marry them."
Actually it come to my mind a couple of weeks ago, when I was writing some texts for wedding invitations.
As some fellow Typophiles are even considering names their babies as such, I felt that this is the right time to do the public announcement. It is probable that Anne and Jules may marry in Orlando, but impossible Pica and Cícero doing the same.
The names work well as words, as the time differs between so illustrious names. I used two colors, deep black and gold as to give it a very formal approach. The second picture show the tracing to extructure the text. It is not as good as Villard's diagram for what I could call it, St. Andrew's diagram.
I will be very much appreciative of your comments. Please, Ladies, your comments are very important, as I am trying to design a line of invites for sometime now thinking about all of you.
The text is set on a script I am trying to understand and the gothic is Engraver's Gothic BT.

I thank You in advance.