Need help IDing this Sans Serif

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Anyone know which typeface this might be? Image is attached.

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Has the same feel as Gotham, especially the 'R', but it's too narrow to be Gotham.

It's also close to Trade Gothic, but the 'O' is too round...

Also, by the time you work your way up through the weights of Futura to about Demibold, the 'A' is squared off at the top like this sample. But the right leg of the 'R' starts too far out from the bowl intersection to be Futura...

No clue...this could literally be one of thousands of look-alike gothic faces.

It's also hard to tell if it's a "rounded" face, or whether its just the blurriness of the photocopy / scan. The bottom of the right leg of the 'R' is flatter than the bottom of the main stem...and that is consistent among all the 'R's in the sample. So, it may indeed be a softly rounded face. So, that's probably a big clue to helping you hone in on finding the right face.

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The scan isn't that great but from what I can tell from the actually print in the book, it isn't rounded at all.

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