Monopoly GO

Does anyone know a typeface that has a complete alphabet that looks similar to the GO in Monopoly?

I know there's a stigma attached to free fonts on this site, but I really can't justify spending any money on this — if I can't find a free typeface, I'll find an alternate solution. I'm making a book for a Monopoly-themed event, and the splash page for each section is going to say "Collect $200 as you pass [section]," with the [section] looking like the GO from Monopoly. I've looked through the square fonts section on — dare I say it — DaFont, but everything is either way off or not quite right.

Thanks in advance.


You should check out They might have something over there. I can't think of anything free like this. On second thought check out too.

I thought about making my own Fontstruction, but the letters like R and V get tricky.

Given that it's only those two letters, I doubt there ever was a full font designed specifically for that.

And since it's only those to letters, I'm not sure how exact you really need it to be anyways. A red, square typeface with black strokes is probably enough to communicate the concept.

I always associate monopoly with an early 20th Century sans like Gill. At least the old London edition I remember from my childhood was that sort of look.

Monopoly actually uses Kabal, which we're using for the "Collect $200 as you pass" part, but we need something for the section headings that looks like GO. I ended up making my own font in Fontstruct. Some of the letters look a bit wonky (R in particular), but I'll fix the outlines in Illustrator when I make the images.

Thanks for all of your help, everyone!