*How do you measure you kerning?

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Ahaaa! So he was.

However, Type by Design still gives a good overview of kerning. I think Alexey, you are looking for the same kind of fomula Walter Tracy gives as a start on spacing, only for kerning.

The book does give a list of important kerning pairs to consider (for english). The reason it’d be tough to make a formula is because the nature of the beast is that each one is an exception to the rule. I dunno, maybe someone’s got a masterplan?

I also find it interesting the avg. number of kerning pairs are given for two foundries (at the time the book was originally published) Adobe: 100-200 and Bitstream 200-500. Those may have changed. The key for text though, is the spacing, as kerning has less influence at smaller point sizes.

I’m rambling, sorry.