Goldman Sachs - modern/sans serif?

Hi all,

I have a client who insists that I find the font used in the Goldman Sachs logo. It seems at first like a modern typeface but lacks most of the serifs ... so maybe a transitional?...

Anyhow, I have so far drawn a blank. I realize that parts of the GS logo have probably been hand-tweaked, but if such a font exists that matches "oldman" and "achs", I will be in much better shape than I am right now.

I really appreciate your all of your expertise and assistance.

- George


Hi George,

The Goldman Sachs logo was designed in 1970 by Lippincott & Margulies. The colour is blue (Pantone 652). Goldman Sachs uses the typefaces Univers and Sabon.

Hans Stol’s Website about Corporate Identity

Here’s a bigger version, by the way:

Similar fonts? Britannic, maybe?

That's definitely a start. But none of these quite have the rounded presence of the serifs on the "a" and "c". That's where I'm stuck. I suppose I'll be pulling parts from some of the fonts mentioned and something else for the serifs.

Thanks for the info!