Wired Magazine Title Font

I realize WIRED probably has their own custom font designed. But I'm looking to come as close as possible to that font for a knockoff (spoof) project I have. You probably already know what it looks like, but you can see the type here: http://www.wired.com/

Not worried about colors/shading, just the font.

Thanks so much!


I would personally suggest tweaking a mix of Rockwell or Memphis (for the I, E) with Heldustry for the rest.

Great suggestions -- one tricky thing though. As a student with no cash, I wonder if there are any fonts I could use that come standard with the Adobe CS3 suite. Rockwell is in that list, so the I & the E should work there. Any suggestions on the other letters from the standard fonts?

Although not CS3 package fonts, Eurostile or Helvetica (or Swiss 721) may be your closest bet for fonts you already have. I think Eurostile is closer (at least in the bowls of the D, R), but the terminus of the leg of the R looks like Helvetica's.

Eurostile is in my package whether it came with CS3 or not for Mac I have no idea. Thanks again so much...my finished product I think looks close enough. THANKS!