Turn your fonts into fabrics

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Spoonflower (http://www.spoonflower.com) will take jpg files and turn them into custom fabrics. Still in beta (you can apply for an invitation) and only printing to lightweight cotton, but they plan to expand their range of fabric offerings.

Looks pretty interesting, if you want to turn a font into a set of curtains, or a pillow, or....

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I was a little thrown by the JPEG thing until I found out that JPEG is their second choice, the first being a TIFF with LAB color. That’s pretty hard core.

Too bad I can’t sew, but I could see doing bookcloth this way.

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Interesting.. I was actually just researching custom fabric printing this morning.
Summer dress sewing season!

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Now you have my marketing mind turning! I was thinking of making bed sheets with my fonts and using the ad tagline. "The Type you would like to Sleep with" :-)


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James, you read my mind about the bookcloth. You could always buy some and find a tailor!

There ya go, Haley -- it would bring new meaning to "keep cool in Antarctica"!

Chris, I'm not going to get punny with you over this. Nononononononononono.....


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Linda do you have an invitation?

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“The Type you would like to Sleep with” :-)

Seriously dezcom, that's brilliant.

I've often thought of making scrren-printed jersey-knit pillowcases with a font name in set in itself, but this takes it to a whole new level and your slogan is PRICELESS!

if you don't do it I will :P haha

I mostly want Sauna Black Italic, or Omnes (on my wishlist)

something sturdy and curvy will help you sleep…

edit: Oh, I forgot to mention where I got my idea: my college has an ad campaign called "First you dream it, then you live it" and they printed that on pillowcases haha dream it. hilarious!

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In fact, Haley, mine arrived this morning: 24 hours turnaround -- not bad for a beta site.

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"if you don’t do it I will "

I am definitely using it! I just got my beta login and am working on the art right now. The typefaces will of course be my own designs. Another slogan I am using is:
"Type is the Fabric of Our Lives." and "My Types make Strange Bedfelllows"
I will post some images when I am finished. When the site goes live and I am able to sell them, I will let anyone know who is interested.


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Chris, are you going to make pilcrow cases available too?

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Yes, Steve. You get a feather in your cap for that heads-up comment :-)


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Yeah I got an invite as well. I can't wait to see your print!

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