Welcome to the Typophile Arabic Typography & Type Design Group

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This is the place to discuss anything and everything to do with making and using typefaces for Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and the many other languages that use variants of the Arab script. Use this forum to meet colleagues, discuss issues and ideas, and present your work. Forum topics include, but are not limited to, questions and advice related to the design or use of Arabic type, technical issues related to making Arabic fonts and resolving text encoding and display issues, announcements of events, exhibitions, etc., and links to Arabic typography on the Web.

We hope you will stay and participate. Please observe courtesy at all times. This is a community, so please help make it a pleasant and welcoming environment. Offensive or insulting comments will be brought to the attention of the Typophile moderators.

A guide to uploading graphics can be found here. Please note the only way to add a PDF is to edit the original thread and use the import options available.

Start a new thread and begin your discussion.

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