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OSX FontLab width problem


I'm brand new to the forums, please excuse any posting errors until I learn the ropes.

Using Fontlab Studio 5 in OSX 10.4.11 I have made a OpenType font to be used in phonetic English lessons.
The font I have made has quite a few 'multiple character' glyphs - for example the English word "ARE" appears as a single glyph with a carat above the three to signify that it is a single character. The above character is comprised of the three letters "A R E".
Have I violated some fontmaking law by having three characters grouped like this ?

My problem is that this "ARE" character is being cut off on its right side after printing. Two other 'multiple character" glyphs of similar width suffer the same effect.
I am 'fairly' competent with FontLab Studio, I have manually set the right margin for this glyph so that the width is around 1500.

I cannot find any entry for width in the "Font Info" in regard to Open Type fonts.

The DTP program I am using is PageStream for OSX Beta 18 which seems to be sensitive to Open Type fonts yet it does display and print 60 of the 75 characters I have created in this font.
I have about 2,000 lessons I created in OS9 Pagestream to print and am only being held up by this 'cutting off' printing problem

Any advice, suggestions welcome.