Monospaced round font

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im looking for a font that resembles T-STAR Mono Round or Gravur.
Anyone got a good tip?

Thank you!

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Houschka Rounded also by

Nick Cooke

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Hey Florian,

I have noticed that in a few threads you have posted amazing lists with URLs of different classes of fonts like the one above. This seems to be taken from a thread or list you have saved from Typophile or locally. I noticed it too on another thread regarding contemporary sans faces. I like your listings as they always seems to contain high quality faces - omitting the older more tired renditions.

Would you be willing to share this list with us or point me to the thread where you originally posted?


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thank you a lot, very nice fonts you have listed.
I am actually looking for a font almost exactly like T-Star mono, but can't use T-Star in the norwegian language, it lacks æ,ø,å in some variations. I want the look t-Star mono have, but need all glyphs. Im looking at Naiv, but this is maybe to playful..
Thanks for all help, appreciate it.

- Thomas

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Jay: I’m sorry I have to disappoint you: there is no big master list.
A number of special (or not-so-special) typeface genres come up here on typophile again and again.
Some of them have been covered in FontFeeds, like The Extra Bold, Ultra Black Fonts (see also The Fat Font Fad List). Others, like scripts, contructivist Bauhaus-style typefaces or lined fonts can be browsed on Bowfin Printworks. The TypoWiki has some lists, too.

I remembered that we already had 2 or 3 threads about this rounded tech thing and searched for Gravur and T-Star, using this favelet.
Thus, I compiled a little list of the alternatives mentioned there, plus some more that came to my mind.
No magic involved, only a little help from TextExpander (a Mac app that helps to insert links etc., similar to Typinator or RapidoWrite).

Thomas: Why don’t do ask Die Gestalten or Mika Mischler? What about T-Star TW Pro?

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Very nice Florian, T-Star TW Pro was exactly what I was looking for!
Sent them an email, cant see where to buy it. Do you know if its open for sale?

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Hey thanks Florian. I think I will start compiling a list of my own - starting with your nice list of rounded faces :)

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Knock yourself out! :)
If you want to share your compilations with others, consider adding them to the Wiki.

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