Recommendation for a decaying industrial city typeface

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I am currently working on a booklet on the decay of the city I live in. More to the point I am trying to catalogue and reference all the commercial spaces that are currently vacant and trying to establish statistics on types of commerces most likely to fail and where they will.

It's all very unscientific right now but in the upcoming weeks I will be discussing this with various local historians.

The city in itself has a big industrial past that is now dead. It's the city of Mulhouse in France and if I didn't know any better I'd compare it to a city affected by the rust belt syndrome.

After this lenghty but necessary introduction, I am now stumbling on a typeface selection. I am utterly clueless about french typography especially anything related to this city in particular ( they used to make textile here ... books aren't a big thing in the history of this city ).

Any ideas?

I wanted to use Francesco - Franck Jalleau
but it isn't commercially available.

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thanks pattyfab that's the general idea I had in mind.

The legibility at small point size is also fairly good which is essential for my usage.

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