iPhone/iPod Touch Typophile Icon?

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I was wondering if our goodly Typophile (web)masters would be willing to add a custom Typophile icon to the website, so when those of us with iPhones/iPod make home screen bookmarks for the site, we'd get the cool Typophile T instead of a tiny white box with specks on it (it automatically uses an image of the webpage if no icon is present.

It's very simple: you just drop a .PNG on your site in the prescribed way (see linked instructions for details) and the iPhone/Touch will pick it up, round the corners and add that shiny look automatically for anyone who adds it to their home screen (which I have).

As a designer, I am pained at the lack of a swank Tyophile badge on my home screen, and would be grateful to those empowered to make one available.


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Done and done. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Ooh. In the voice of Peregrine Took, "I'm gettin one."

Posted from my iPhone.

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Very nice. The other icons on my Touch are jealous already.

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