As Cited in VOGUE

“Vogue Most Wanted: Week of 06.05.2008″
edited by Meredith Melling Burke

Hit item #9 after the Vera Wang perfume.


Hey, that's got to be good for a significant upturn in business, no?

Congratulations! :-)

This press thing is odd–shortly there will be three web stories including my work. All of the glossy magazines now have major online coverage so they double-dip on content.

FYI: The smaller "Thank You" cards with bordering are photo-engravings of artwork made from the hand engraved blue card. The blue card has a lovely hand gilded silver edge and the envelopes are completely lined with onion skin and the moisture sensitive adhesive is applied with a brush. They were made for me by one of the Queen's stationers in London but the dollar is so weak now It is too expensive for even my customers to work with them anymore. Which is a pity.