Burgues Script Font

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i am new to this site
does anyone know where i can find burgues script font as a free download
i need it for a customer

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Ha ha ha, that's so funny. You are most definitely in the wrong place. Tell your customer to PAY!!!!!

Nick Cooke

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You can buy the font at veer.com, the download is free.

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I’m sure you can find a reasonable substitute over here.

Btw, the Afternoon Delight font you are showing on your website is actually a cheap rip-off of Hermann Zapf’s Zapfino. I suspect the same goes for some of the other fonts you are using. E.g.,Carlotta is Carpenter.

Made a perfect first impression.

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Whoa...$1 per envelope to print an address?

Shh...no one mention mail merge...

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Nick, I'm impressed, you did a fast and furious job. Did you google Ms Hammer's name, or did you hear of her before?

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Hi Susan I think your profile homepage web link has one too many 'c' remove one and your web address is fine. Have not posted your weblink as I see you are advertising usage of typefaces there and now you have sort of alerted a few profile designers and they maybe interested.

It's nice to obtain good fonts, though it is much more rewarding to own a licence to use them and through the correct channels.

Heck I would love to have a t-shirt from Sudtipos on the from "Iegalcopy" maybe in 'whomp' or another great (unfortunately not Veer as they do NO ship outside the US... doh) :) ...:):):) ..... (Mr Alejandro Paul, we can talk... I have ideas)

Join the club and don't let clients put you in a situation of asking for fonts for free. Hammer-time.

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Katharina - no I didn't Google Ms Hammer, but I have done since. As well as the other rip-offs, she has one of mine; ITC Dartangnon renamed as 'Dart'.

Where did you acquire 'Dart' from Susan?

Nick Cooke

Ps. I'll keep checking your site to see if 'Olicana' appears as 'Oilcan'.

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wow just read mine, when typing I was out the door with 2 children pulling my arm... anyway in jest about the T-shirt, though it could catch on.

Nick - nice hunting, I thought this might be the case

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@Nick: Hi Nick has Susan updated her site or contacted you to sort out the issue?

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No she hasn't. Talking of rip-offs: have you seen;


Nick Cooke

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Naaahaaa, I found this font for free, like i would ever pay for anything on the net

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Well done you jerk.

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