The TYPO magazine: anniversary and new design

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The TYPO magazine: anniversary and new design

The international magazine TYPO dedicated to typography, graphic design and visual communication celebrates fifth anniversary. The first issue of 2008 brings a number of improvements: the content structure changed as well as the size, layout, paper, and, last, but not least, the periodicity: from a bi-monthly, TYPO becomes a quarterly journal.

The scope of information contained in each issue increased rapidly: just published 31st issue in the new design has 84 pages in 230 × 250 mm, as compared to the original 32 pages. The magazine is now divided in two sections: first features key articles, the second contains short notes, font reviews, columns of editors and contributors, and information about contests and conferences. Instead of the editorial, the table of contents features short annotations of articles. All articles are printed in English and Czech language.

The 31st issue is dedicated to Korean design; articles were written especially for TYPO by top South Korean designers, researchers and lectures in typography and design. The readers will learn about the historic evolution of Korean type, about the present trends in Korean graphic design and its most important representatives, about the Korean calligraphy and the design of Latin fonts designated for setting with Chinese, Japanese and Korean type.

In the following issues of 2008, the readers may look forward to an overview of contemporary graphic design and typography in Italy, the design in the countries of the Visegrád Group, and the work of Jan Tschichold.

Sometime this year, the website of the magazine is going to change, too, as the TYPO magazine website will be incorporated into the web server, thus creating an extensive, modern website dedicated to typography, with a number of new features. You may look forward to discussions, online shop, RSS, archives, etc.

You may subscribe to the TYPO magazine at, where individual back issues are also sold.

The schedule for 2008 is as follows:

31- currently selling
32 - July
33 - October
34 - December

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BRAVO, Filip!

Mine came in the mail recently. I love the new size and paper! It is easier to read and fits better on a shelf. Congratulations on putting out a beautiful and informative journal on typography that appeals to a type-savvy audience!