Questions about Grotesk and companion fonts

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Questions about Grotesk and companion fonts

I've been working at my current job since Feb, the identity manuals we have suggest URW Grotesk as the typeface. Previous to working here, I had heard about Akzidenz Grotesk and am wondering what the differences/similarites are. Which do you prefer?

Also, I have paired URW Grotesk with Minion or Caslon (not URW Antiqua, I do not like that face). Is there a better option? Also are there display faces you might recommend paring with them? I want to have some opinions and options before purchasing more of the URW Grotesk family.

Thanks for your help!


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The difference are pretty obvious if you check out these examples:

I personally prefer Akzidenz, but A. That's just me, and B. If the ID manuals suggest URW, yu might need to go with that.

Minion and Caslon could both work with either, but you should pick one and stick with it.

Minion is more clean and modern looking than Caslon, so that could factor in your decision.